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For those who live in a hard water region, you might have a clue of the accumulation of limescale that you sometimes find within your kettle or surrounding your taps. If you are at home, it can be not only unappealing to view but also rather tedious to get rid of this limescale build-up, which can lead to lots of money in soaps and detergents. Besides, this limescale has an impact on the effectiveness of dishwashers, washing machines, or any other household appliance.

Water that contains large amounts of mineral content is known as hard water. It’s, therefore, a crucial factor to remember for those companies that run their businesses with quite risky water handling machinery because the accumulation of limescale can significantly affect the equipment. If left unattended to, it can lead to wastage of lots of effort and time, which can also lead to having huge costs.

So, a lot of homeowners and businesses plan on lowering the hard water effects by installing a uniquely designed water softener into their water system. In general, water softeners soften water effectively and function properly. Their working principle, however, is to allow the hard water to enter through a cylinder that uses a special mechanism for the replacement of the magnesium and calcium present in the water with sodium (salt). Let’s take a look at the best water softener salts on the market.

Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets

Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets

The company name “Morton” is common when it comes to table salts. The company, however, prides itself in producing the best water softener salts. The water softening product is specifically made to prevent the accumulation of limescale in pipes and appliances, which assists in enhancing their efficiency and lengthening their life. For those households that have hard water, this product is an excellent solution for softer water that provides a wide range of benefits. If used well, this product helps in minimizing the accumulation that hard water causes in pipes and other appliances. It’s even much easier to clean the dishes with these softening pellets.

After washing and bathing, the Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets leave the hair and skin feeling much softer. Since this alternative to traditional water softener has a lot of benefits that you want to continue to enjoy, it is prudent that every other month you add approximately two to four bags of the product to your system, depending on the number of people staying in your home. In order to carry and pour around 40 lbs of this product, this bag comes with a strong, plastic handle that is easy to open.

As aforementioned, these pellets provide soft water benefits for your home and family. They not only prevent the formation of hard water spots on dishes, tile, and faucets but also prevents the building up of limescale in water heaters and pipes. The product also assists soaps and detergents to lather better. What’s more, it assists in maintaining laundry and kitchen appliances stain-free.

Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals

Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals

Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals is another water softening product that doesn’t come in pellets, as opposed to the previous option. Instead, you will have water softener salt crystals that can help in getting rid of harmful materials in your water and also making sure that they maintain the long-life of your water softening system.

Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals is generally a salt that can productively soften your water to stop the building up of scale in any component of your plumbing system. As you may already know, such an effect can cause a lot of damage to your boilers and water heaters. Fortunately, this product can work perfectly to resolve this problem.

Besides causing problems to your devices, hard water can also result in dry and damaged skin and even hair. Since it has a high percentage of purity, the salt is an excellent option for all water softeners. Cleaning your dishes and washing the clothes becomes even much easier and more effective while using this product since there will be even more efficiency from the detergent in use. In an average household, the bag should be enough for approximately a month since it contains 40 lbs of salt.

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

For consumers out there, you also have a chance to go sodium-free with Morton products. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets are uniquely made to enable you to enjoy all the advantages of shifting from the initial sodium to potassium. For starters, these chloride pellets have around 20% lower chloride overall discharge compared to those made of sodium. By using less water, therefore, you can actually reproduce your water softener. Since it has around 99% purity, the product has exceptional performance and provides consumers with sufficient potassium levels, which is an important nutrient.

These pellets are also very eco-friendly because of the lower chloride discharge. In other words, there is much less freeing of wastewater to the environment. For these specific water softener salts made of potassium, you should expect to incur a little more. However, the product has great quality, which might justify its price. Since it’s often available in a 40lb bag, you should expect it to last up to a month.

Water softeners need the replacement of salts frequently because of their working mechanism. Therefore, you’ll end up incurring an ongoing maintenance cost. Water Softener Gurus, fortunately, has developed a special set of products that provide you with special water softener alternatives. With their solutions, you won’t need salt.

Typically, fitting of these solutions is often on the external side of the pipe. Therefore, they are ideal for all kinds of pipe material. Additionally, when it comes to flow rate, they also work independently. So, for those who are looking to prevent hard water in their homes but they don’t want to pay a hefty amount on the best water softener salt, there are still a few alternatives to water softener that you could try.

To begin with, an electronic water conditioning system is one of the best water softener alternatives that’s quite affordable compared to a conventional water softener. In general, it removes the available hard water and makes sure that it stops it from returning in any manner. If you want to get rid of limescale, this is your option, which you can actually install it all by yourself.

The new water softener alternative is the salt-free water softener. It’s generally a maintenance-free system that never requires electricity to operate, and hence, it’s energy-efficient. Without salt, it naturally softens water and enables zero wastewater, and hence, eco-friendly.

If you want to get rid of a wide range of harmful contaminants from your drinking water, like pesticides, microplastics, bacteria, microfibers, fluoride, heavy metals, and a lot of other pollutants, one of the best and the suitable solutions is reverse osmosis. You will also receive healthy and better-tasting water. Typically, the filter is uniquely designed to fit easily and perfectly in a basic kitchen sink. You can make use of a stylish, little extra tap on top of your countertop to provide you with fresh and purified drinking water whenever you want to take a drink. A “three-way tap” is also an option, which can serve you with filtered and hot/ cold water.

Magnetic water treatment is another alternative to water softeners, which has powerful neodymium magnets that help in lowering or preventing the formation of limescale because of hard water. In general, the magnetic water treatment process lets the water to flow through a powerful magnetic field. After you place two powerful neodymium magnets on either side of the incoming pipe, then all the available water will flow through a powerful, and uniform magnetic field.

Because of the working principle of the entire process, magnetic water treatment never gets rid of calcium from that water. It is still hard like it was before being passed through the magnets. In addition, it plays a huge role in changing the structure of those deposits that form. Consequently, they are less likely going to stick to any surface.
Unlike other salt-based softeners that require of you to refill the salt frequently, there are just but a few running costs when dealing with magnetic water treatment. For those who own a relatively larger property, magnetic water treatment is ideal for use. However, certain salt-free softeners are not that effective when the water surpasses a certain level.

Water Softener Gurus provide you with a variety of water softener alternatives that you can use to eliminate the limescale build-up. They also prevent any accumulation of limescale in the future. Consequently, the water softener alternatives will ensure that all of your pipes are clear of scale, which enables proper functionality, boosting efficiency, productivity, and performance.

If you’re looking to soften the water in your business or home but prefer the water softener alternatives, contact Water Softener Gurus to find out more concerning the products they offer. Alternatively, you can choose one of the best water softener salts mentioned above. Water Softener Gurus offers cost-effective, eco-friendly, and energy-saving products.

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