Fleck 5600SXT – Best Water Softener of 2021

Fleck is one of the oldest brands with over 50 years of experience in the business. When it comes to quality water softeners, Fleck is your safest bet. People who live in areas with hard water have to change their appliances more often because of scale. They also put their health to risk by exposing themselves to harmful materials such as barium, arsenic, fluoride, lead, and more. While most of these elements are invisible to the naked eye, they are dangerous and greatly affect one’s well-being.

Fortunately some of these products are available at wholesale prices direct from the manufacture such as the fleck based Pelican's water softener systems.

Fleck 5600SXT Review

This model is one of the best in its category. The first thing people notice about it is the design. It has an unusual yet quite efficient shape, and it comes in few colors.

One thing is certain about this model – it will fit in any household and kitchen. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll get a 10-year warranty on this unit, which is a great thing. Most manufacturers offer double the less.

When it comes to the price, it’s far from a low-costing unit, but it’s worth checking out. If you’re looking for a high-end softener, this model might be an interesting candidate. Although your budget won’t like it, one’s health is the most important thing to care for.

The Features

The Fleck 5600sxt comes with a few neat features. While some consider it a big unit, it does justify the size with its versatile functions.

Removes Hard Water

As you might know, hard water isn’t the best thing to have around. This particular model uses an ion exchange process to eliminate the calcium and magnesium. These two minerals cause scale, which is certainly bad for both you and your kitchen appliances. If scale gets enough time to build-up in the pipes, you’ll have to pay for new ones.  

Areas with hard water greatly benefit from units like these. Softeners are a mandatory accessory in any household that has issues with hard water, scale, and harmful minerals.

Regeneration System

This model has an innovative regeneration system. It measures the amount of used water, and only regenerates the content of the fresh tank when needed. This feature greatly helps with water and money saving. You can also set various parameters to fine-tune the unit to your personal preferences. In fact, the SXT digital controller is integrated into the main valve. Due to its high precision, the consumption is at a bare minimum.

The SXT Controller

One of the good things about this particular unit is the modern technology that comes with it. This controller comes with a set of customizable parameters which can be configured and read on a backlit LCD. The touchpad controls, internal emergency battery, and a straightforward interface are included with this quality unit.

The Tank

The tank is quite large, but the design is elongated so it doesn’t take as much room as you might think. Still, you should have in mind that it’s a big tank that can hold up to 250 pounds of salt. The dimensions are 15″x17″x33″. There is a safety float integrated into the reservoir to prevent overfilling and overflow. The existence of these security mechanisms goes to show that it’s a user-friendly unit.

Easy Installation

While some other tanks require a professional intervention, this one doesn’t. In fact, it’s one of the easiest to install. You can assemble the unit properly with an occasional glimpse on the manual within two hours. Some people deny that it’s an easy install, but most of them oversee the importance of a user manual.

The Price

Although it may not be the model with the lowest price on the market, it’s worth every penny. Bear in mind; there is a difference between a standard and upgraded model. While the standard one is quite useful and efficient, the upgraded is not worth the premium price. It does have a few benefits over the regular model, but most of them are negligible. There are also models with the same features like the upgraded one for a much lower price. However, it comes down to your needs and personal preferences.

What Do the Users Think?

The users say it’s one of the most versatile and cost-efficient high-end water softeners on the market currently. It will do the job, and it will perform as expected. As we said, some people found it to be a bit tricky to set up and install, but it’s easily solvable if you read the manual or hire a professional.

The Fleck Company is well-known for their friendly approach and readiness to solve any issues regarding the installation or tuning of their products. The customer support department is helpful and informative, which is a rarity nowadays.

There are some disadvantages, but most of them are minor. However, you should get familiar with every aspect of this model so that you know what could potentially go wrong.

The Conclusion

If you’re not on a tight budget, the Fleck 5600sxt is a safe bet in the high-end softeners category. It offers a great set of features, and most importantly – it performs great. The quality is not in question because it’s made by Fleck which is well-known for top-notch products.

Owners of small households might want to skip this unit because it’s a slight overkill to install it inside a small object. It’s simply not cost-efficient. On the other hand, the medium and large homes benefit greatly from its high-tech features such as timed cycles, water saving, ion exchange process, and more. The valves are specially designed to work at an optimal level at all times.

You’ll get a great warranty from a respected company, which is more than enough proof of quality and confidence. One thing is sure about the Fleck 5600sxt – it delivers fresh and purified water 24/7, regardless of the conditions.

  • February 22, 2019

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