Water Softener Alternatives

If you happen to stay in a hard water region, then you already have an idea of the limescale build-up that you find around your taps and inside your kettle. For those at home, this can be unappealing and somewhat tiresome to get rid of and can result in increased costs in detergents and soaps. What’s more, it has an impact on the performance of dishwashers, washing machines, and other domestic appliances.

In general, hard water is water that consists of high mineral content. Therefore, this is an important factor for those industries who operate their business with risky water handling machinery that can be significantly affected by the accumulation of limescale. If left untreated, it can result in wastage of lots of time and effort, which in turn can result in incurring huge costs.

A majority of businesses and homeowners, therefore, look to minimize the hard water effects by setting up a water softener into their particular water system. Although they usually function properly and soften water effectively, however, they function by allowing the hard water to pass via a cylinder which consists of a mechanism for replacing the magnesium and calcium in the water with salt (sodium). Some of these products for salts include:

1# Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets

Morton Clean and Protect Water Softening Pellets

You might have seen the name “Morton” from your usual table salt. However, the company also happens to be a leading producer in water softener salt. Therefore, you should expect to find a few Morton products on this list. So, what is this product? And how is it useful?

It is well designed to prevent buildup in appliances and pipes, which helps in lengthening their life and improving efficiency. As aforementioned, it is an ideal solution for softer water that offers a variety of added benefits for those homes that have hard water. When used properly, these Softening Pellets help in lowering the buildup that hard water can cause in appliances and pipes, and therefore, makes dishes much easier to clean.

What’s more, it also leaves skin and hair feeling softer after bathing and washing. If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of this alternative to conventional water softener, it is prudent that each month you add around two to four new bags to your tank, based on the number of people living in your household. More often than not, to make carrying and pouring of this 40 lbs bags much easier, this bag comes with an easy-tear opening, sturdy plastic handle.


  • Offers soft water benefits for your family and home
  • Help prevent hard water spots on tile, dishes, and faucets
  • Helps detergents and soaps lather better
  • Help maintain kitchen and laundry appliances stain-free
  • Help prevent scale accumulation in pipes and water heaters

#2 Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals

Morton Pure & Natural Water SofteningCrystals


Unlike the previous option, this one doesn’t come in pellets. You receive water softener salt crystals instead that can not only eliminate harmful materials in your water but can also ensure the longevity of your specific water softening system.

It is a salt that’s highly and can effectively and efficiently soften your water to avoid the accumulation of scale in any part of your specific plumbing system. Such an effect, as you might already know, can be especially damaging to your water heaters and boilers, and the Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals work perfectly with your water softener to resolve this issue.

Apart from issues with your appliances, hard water can lead to dry and damaged hair and skin. Because of its purity, this product is ideal for all water softeners. It also makes cleaning the dishes and washing your clothes easier and more effective, since the detergent would work even more efficiently. Since the bag comprises 40 lbs of salt, it should be enough for roughly a month in an average household.

#3 Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton also provides consumers with an option of going sodium-free. These pellets are uniquely designed to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of changing from sodium to potassium. To begin with, these pellets total to about 20% lower chloride discharge than their sodium-based counterparts. That implies that you can regenerate your water softener by using less water. Due to its 99% purity, it has great performance and offers users with enough potassium levels, which is an essential nutrient.

Due to the lower chloride discharge, these pellets are very eco-friendly. There is much less wastewater that is freed to the environment. You should look forward to incur a little more for these potassium-based water softener salts. The quality of this product, however, might well justify the price. It is also available in a 40lb bag to last about a month.

Due to their working mechanism, water softeners require the replacing of salts regularly, and hence, an ongoing maintenance cost. Fortunately, Water Softener Gurus have come up with a unique set of products that offer you with unique water softener alternatives. You don’t need salt to work with their solutions.

Typically, these solutions are often fitted to the external part of the pipe and are, hence, suitable for all sorts of pipe material. What’s more, they also work independently when it comes to flow rate. So, if you’re planning to avoid hard water in your home but you don’t want to incur an expensive amount on water softeners, here is a list of water softener alternatives.

1. Electronic Water Conditioning System

Generally, an electronic water conditioning system is relatively cheaper compared to a traditional water softener. It often gets rid of existing hard water and curbs it from coming back in any pipe type. What’s more, it’s a limescale remover, and you can install it all by yourself.

2. Salt-Free Water Softener

It’s the new water softener alternative. Apart from being eco-friendly, it’s a maintenance-free system that doesn’t need electricity to run (energy efficient). It naturally softens water without salt and allows zero wastewater.

3. Magnetic Water Treatment

In magnetic water treatment, strong neodymium magnets are usually used to reduce or prevent scale formation due to hard water. Magnetic water treatment generally allows water to pass via a strong magnetic field. Once you put two strong neodymium magnets on both sides of the incoming pipe, all the available water passes via a strong, and uniform magnetic field.

Due to the working mechanism, magnetic water treatment doesn’t eliminate any calcium from that water. It is just as hard as before it passed via the magnets. Also, it plays a role in altering the structure of the deposits that develop. As a result, they are less apt to stick to any surface.


  • The treatment is going to produce water that’s ideal for drinking
  • You don’t need to install additional systems to treat your drinking water
  • You’ll never add any dangerous chemicals to the water. Therefore, you don’t require to be bothered about the safety of the water and if or not you can provide it to your family
  • Although other treatment options eliminate calcium and substitute it with sodium, devices using magnetic water treatment leave the calcium in the water
  • As opposed to salt-based softeners that need you to refill the salt regularly, there’re quite a few running costs when it comes to this type of water treatment
  • When you use these systems, there isn’t any waste. So, it’s very beneficial to the environment
  • Although other softeners tend to be loud, this softener type is very quiet
  • Most units can eliminate or reduce the taste and smell of sulfur
  • For those who have a very large property, this treatment is perfect for use. Some salt-free softeners, however, are no that effective if the water exceeds a certain level
  • It will remove all the limescale, which can’t form again in the future

#4 Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System


If you’re looking to remove a variety of problem pollutants from your drinking water, such as fluoride, heavy metals, microfibers, microplastics, bacteria, pesticides, and many other contaminants, one of the easiest and the best solution is reverse osmosis. What’s more, you’ll receive better tasting, healthy water.

Typically, the filter is made to fit easily in a standard kitchen sink. When you want to drink, you can use a stylish, small additional tap above your countertop to serve you fresh and purified drinking water. You can also have a “three-way tap,” which provides you with filtered and hot/ cold water.

With water softener alternatives from Water Softener Gurus, you can get rid of the limescale that has accumulated completely. Additionally, they prevent any build up in the future. As a result, they will clear all your pipes allowing proper functionality, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and performance.

For those who are planning to soften the water in their home or even business but are searching for water softener alternatives, then get in touch with Water Softener Gurus to learn about the products they can provide. They boast of the fact that all of their products are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and cost-effective.

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