10 Best Salt Free Water Softener (Saltless) for 2021

What makes salt-free and salt-based softeners irreconcilable?

Which one offers brighter laundry, less soap usage and reduces marginal costs? We'll see that in this post.

Salt-using water softening eliminates minerals such as calcium and magnesium that cause hardness through ionic exchange. The process replaces them with soft potassium or sodium compounds.

Fortunately some of these products are available at wholesale prices direct from the manufacture such as the fleck based Pelican water softener systems.

Salt-free technology ditches the use of chemicals or minerals to generate conditioned water without the negative effects of hardness. The system alters the composition of calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water rendering a benign crystalline structure. Mechanically stable, insoluble and heatproof crystals eliminate lime deposits that embed into pipes, fixtures or appliances.    

Best Saltless Water Softener (Salt Free)

Accordingly, salt-free systems do not work as water softeners but as conditioners or descaling agents. They also preserve these essential minerals and rinse them away with the normal streaming of water. Best Saltless Water Softener (Salt Free) outshines traditional appliances that guzzle electricity or squander water. Without salt, the eco-friendly solution means a long-lasing, inexpensive and low maintenance solution for homeowners.  

You have to do your homework when buying Saltless Water Softeners.

The comparison table below and Buyer’s Guide at the end will throw more light to help you make an informed choice.

Watts Premier’s store swarms with a grand collection of professional-grade water filtration products. Since its founding in 1989, Watts remains a trailblazer in the plumbing world known for premium quality water filtration systems. After Watts Water Technologies bought Premier in 2001, it has gained foothold globally.

OneFlow + represents a cream of their products in the market. It sports the most efficient salt-less scale treatment technology-Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). TAC magnetizes and restructures ‘hard’ minerals into inactive, mild ‘soft’ scale particulates that remain suspended in water and flow easily through a network without sticking to surfaces.

TAC has emerged as a widely accepted way to treat water as this technology does not introduce or remove ions from water. It retains beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium without using sodium.      

With TAC as the backbone behind the OneFlow + system, you reap more benefits such as an economical and nature-friendly water treatment. The system helps extend the lifespan of your appliances, protect plumbing, and reduce maintenance costs. However, the mineral-rich water means it does not purge spots like a salt system.

It’s also designed to reduce chlorine traces and smells for high quality-tasting water from any tap in your home. It boasts a slim profile with 1” NPT inlet and outlet connectors for more straightforward installation, as well as maintenance-free operations. Additionally, a pressure relieve valve and multipurpose tool facilitates quick cartridge replacements. This green technology guzzles no electricity, inhibits water wastage and works without a drain.    

 All in all, the OneFlow + anti-scale solution curbs the negative impacts of calcium or magnesium without losing their health benefits. The only downside is the lack of properties that make surfactants found in detergents more potent like a water softener.

For homeowners who have put a premium on scale prevention, the OneFlow + system answers your description. This was a great solution and voted our best saltless water softener for many reasons.


  • Improves plumbing efficiency and extends the lifespan of appliances
  • Better-tasting water at every tap
  • Environmentally-friendly solution
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Flexible installation with its slim profile


  • x

Now let’s examine an innovative home electronic water softener system that brings a safe pair of hands for indoor plumbing without the aftercare of cartridges or saline levels. Homeowners who live in places with hard water crave for technology that flushes out limescale to forestall damage such as hardened appliance surface.

We gravitated toward an Electronic Water Softener System designed to work with clockwork accuracy without the homeowner having to babysit it.

The selling point of this modern water system is its cost-efficiency and hassle-free configuration that works without salts or chemicals. Once you install this magnetic water softener, you’ll get rid of impurities but maintain healthy minerals that contribute to a healthier body. It’s a chemical and salt-free water purification solution that’s straightforward and affordable.    

The tank-less water filter cleanses hard water making it crystal-clear and consumable without changing minerals. To get off to a flying start, the system kit equips you with everything you need to install an up and running. With its compact size, you can install without hiring a handyman and doesn’t impose constant maintenance demands.    

Onto the installation department, you need an eye for detail to follow instructions accurately. The common shortcoming plaguing salt-free water conditioners is their inability to wipe out spotting. Overall, it will do the job descaling plumbing surfaces, improving soap lathering and get soothing showers.


  • Prevents scale build-up and descales over the long haul
  • Flushes out impurities improving water quality
  • Health-friendly softener without itchy skin, desiccated hair or dull utensils
  • Generously-packaged installation kit
  • Compact size installable without plumbing


  • Narrow pipes may clog after extended use

TIER1 refers to a trademark acquired by Water Filters Inc. covering domestic products such as filters. The company offers reliable salt-free softeners, conditioners and filter options. Tier’s innovative drive and revolutionary engineering spawns high quality filters and improved performance. Not our claim but the company’s. Foolproof Tier1 filters that weed out contaminants rapidly moved from the sidelines to the center of the water purifiers’ world.

The Tier1 Whole House system features customizable components that allow you to tailor the setup to your specific demands. As the name suggests, the system provides a broad range options with unique configurations for sediment reduction, salt-free softening, ultraviolet decontamination and carbon/KDF filtration. Remember it costs big bucks to acquire this product, but the price is justified by its all-round components.

It’s easy to install and care while it invades your space with only 4sq.ft of floor footprint. Series 8000 comes with a tank full of salt-free media, sediment pre-filter kit, a tank prefilled with KDF+ Carbon media and all installation pieces.

As expected, KDF-55 and Granular Activated Carbon Media promote micro-filtration to minimize chlorine levels, microbial germs, scale, and heavy metals for reduced costs. Salt-free softener media enhances descaling and up-flow design curbs the backwash of overkill chloride salts.   

Reducing scale buildup without salt or harsh chemicals is a piece of interesting news from this softener. Get pristine, tastier and chlorine-free water for healthy living. You also decrease deleterious chemicals and damage to your skin or hair.

Keep in mind no piece of engineering is perfect. The only complaint we’ve for this system is the eight pieces package that increases complexity. While this arrangement does not affect performance, it escalates repair costs and breakdown.


  • Nature-friendly with saline-free effluents
  • Inhibits scale accumulation
  • Healthy technology diminishes toxicity
  • No backwash cycle of chloride salts
  • Fully-equipped package


  • Tier1 branded media may limit usability when exhausted

Aquasana used to be an Austin-based manufacturer of water filters or systems until its acquisition by A.O. Smith Corp as fast-growing company. However, it became a standalone subsidiary of A.O. Smith. The brand’s evolving water treatment technology and products such as reverse osmosis have reshaped today’s U.S consumer landscape. Today, Aquasana is a well-known brand in the US water treatment market. 

If you have experienced the nightmares of traditional water treatment systems, this high performance technology eliminates woes such as draining, water wastage, and back flushing. The system package comes with a filtration tank, brass fittings, shut-off valves, SimplySoft tank, post-filter, fittings for 0.75” pipe and 20” pre-filter. Whole house filtration system means clean, great-tasting water from all taps in your home.

Smart design and advanced engineering optimizes efficient filtration with media for high dynamic performance. It features unique up-flow, dual tank configuration to slow water flow rate for increased contact with contaminant-seizing media while preventing clogging or channeling. Optional upgrades such as SimplySoft salt-free water softener strengthens your scale prevention arsenal.

Considering how pricey the Aquasana system gets with upgrades, going for standard components restricts applications. UV Sterilight Filtration provides a killer bullet for 99.99% of microbes.

The Pro-grade installation kit offers a generous package of all nuts and bolts needed to install and maintain with time. Health is another thing the Aquasana Premium Rhino House Filter underscores. It can purge 97% of chlorine and eradicates plethora contaminants for a decade or one million gallons.

Accordingly, this salt-free descaler is designed to dovetail into your whole house water filtration system. However, you’ve to cough up more bucks to acquire optional upgrades. 


  • All-round domestic scale prevention without salt or chemicals
  • Gets rid of scale, stains or spots on appliances, silverware and glass
  • Scale Control Media converts hard minerals into inactive, non-stick crystals
  • Powerful optional upgrade components
  • Health-and nature-friendly filtration


  • Frequent maintenance of cartridges in hard water areas

The brains behind the NuvoH2O Home Softener System introduced novel technological recipes in the universe of water filtration. It breaks away with tradition by suppressing pH levels using a chelating agent to bind hard minerals. This patented formulation keeps the minerals soluble but incapable of triggering hard water problems. Even as more inventions come down the pike, Nuvo offers something more cutting-edge and way ahead of its time.

We quickly spotted the scientifically-backed process of chelation.

Importantly, the NuvoH2O system will do the trick without bulky tanks and complex components. We know this technology will pique the interest of non-fuss homeowners.

With its minimalistic design and potent filtration infrastructure, the NuvoH2O inhibits scale buildup and flushes out existing hard water scale without the multitudes of sins plaguing competitors. While other products also work without salt, electricity or water wastage, this brainchild performs better with a more compact design that fits almost everywhere.

Another benefit of the chelating agent is that it cleanses water making it soft and healthy for drinking, bathing or flower nursery watering. The manufacturer has also listed scenarios where the system may not work such as closed loop recirculation systems.

It works with 2”x20” replacement cartridges that survive 20,000 gallons. It’s designed to curb scale build-up and decrease existing hard water deposits. You’ll extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures, heater and appliances.

With that said, the NuvoH2O water softener technology will remove and prevent limescale buildup that chokes and eats away plumbing. The intelligent, compact configuration uses a salt-free, revolutionary process to condition water making it the go-to product for on-the-go homeowners. This easily made our list of the best saltless water softener for 2020. 


  • Effective prevention of scale accumulation
  • No salt or electricity required
  • Compact and simple design
  • FDA & NSF-certified


  • May not work with some plumbing networks

The water filtration competitive landscape has been the fuel of innovation and increased customer choices. Pelican’s new entry into the market pushes back the boundaries of water treatment. It features an advanced mechanism to handle hard water problems without adding salt or potassium. Pelican has a long-standing history in the market. This new invention makes your plumbing infrastructure a notch better.  

These high-performance systems combine the benefits of the Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter and the NaturSoft Salt-Free Softener to produce clean, sparkling and sifted water. It also diminishes the negative impacts of hard water such as dilapidated piping and appliances. Some models even offer UV filtration.

Additionally, this Pelican lineup imposes no maintenance demands while it’s not an electricity guzzler or water squanderer. Another decent thing about this product is its ability to withstand hazardous environments outdoors with anti-freezing insulation.

Pelican has crafted this system for people who prefer a health-centered softener. It cuts a vast proportion of impurities like chlorine, chloramines and particulates. As far as water quality is concerned, the conditioned fluid lacks a slippery feel and retains natural taste.

Bottom line, It’s one of the most expensive softeners in our list but you get more potent filtration from a very reliable company, tough to top.


  • Upscale design and high-capacity performance
  • Maintenance-free and easy-to-install
  • High-grade valves and tanks
  • Health-friendly water for domestic use
  • Softer, more hydrated skin cells and glowing, stronger hair


  • Pricier

Aquasana fans can cut down their budget to the bone with another option-the Whole House Filter. For those curious, the distinctive aspect of this series stems from its lack of a standard SimplySoft tank. This system imparts the DNA of Aquasana-topflight filtration, healthier and chlorine-free water. If you want to upgrade filtration performance, you can pair it with optional Simplysoft, powerful UV Sterilight and pro-grade installation kit.

Aquasana Whole House Filter presents a couple of upsides and downsides too. At the outset, the package includes several pieces that make installation a pain for unskilled homeowners. The pro kit works with PEX tubing and omits some tools that increase costs. You have to hire a plumber if you lack loads of DIY experience under the belt.  

However, a number of sterling qualities make the Aquasana a life-saver in the water filtration world. The Aquasana Rhino’s exclusive up-flow, dual tank design extends water interaction time with contaminant-attracting media for optimum effects. With 97% of chlorine down the chute, you’ll enjoy better-tasting and odorless water throughout your home.

SimplySoft and UV Sterilight Filtration upgrades broaden your purification horizons. You get another layer of defense against organic particles or microscopic cysts. Without these harmful particulates out of your water, you can enjoy ultra-delicious, cleaner cooking, healthier skin and hair, as well as improved air quality.

To sum up, the Aquasana system fills the bill at a reasonable price. You will not wring the ultra-soft water of a salt-pumped mechanism, but considering the technology and high capacity, the deal is hard to beat.


  • Extended performance lifetime
  • No draining, back flushing and water waste
  • Fully-packaged system
  • Healthier, chlorine-free and pristine water
  • High capacity efficiency


  • Installation isn't easy

Now, we will look at a unique solution for descaling and sieving in the saltless water treatment class. Triple Action Poly-Free softener defies many norms but still performs excellently. It works without the bulky tanks, branded media and cartridges that form the backbone of many water conditioners. For starters, this piece of engineering comes in a low profile and compact design to fit anywhere in your home.

The Catalytic/Electro-Mechanical process at the core of its filtration process does not work like reverse osmosis systems. The stainless steel filter and polyphosphate beads get rid of calcium carbonate scale buildup without discarding rich minerals. The case has a rugged feel to brave the elements for those who want to install it outside.

When it comes to installation, it comes complete and ready to set it up. The system hooks up with your existing water line easily. The catalytic core is engineered for well and city water rated 25 grains hard and high flow rate of 30 GPM. Without advanced filtration such as UV, some particulates like chloramine or microbes may slip through the media. You need a premium activated carbon filter to decrease or remove chlorine.

The only thing you have to replace is the stainless filter and poly crystals at budget-friendly prices. Stainless filter offers a workhorse that endures extreme use for many years. If you live south of the Mason-Dixon Line where hard water is more stubborn, you may need to look elsewhere for high quality tasting water.

Overall, the Poly Salt-Free Softener makes a great buy for small to medium households. Sure, you won’t handle bulky salt bags or units that stick out haphazardly.


  • Affordable recharge kit
  • No expensive cartridges
  • Simple and compact design
  • Complete package with installation nipples
  • No backwashing brine or electricity


  • Not effective for extreme applications

The penultimate pick of our list pushes filtration finesse to the extremes with a magnetic conditioner. Trademarked MagnaSoft water conditioning products have made a name in the industry for reliability, high performance and novelty. It’s another water conditioning module in a class of its own based on how it works. Magnetic conditioning has deep roots in industrial applications such as boiler treatment.

The MagnaSoft water conditioner applies extremely powerful magnetic forces to remove scale contaminates from your water. Rare earth Neodymium magnet used delivers strong pulling thrust of 500 pounds in every module. As the water flows through the magnetic module, it’s amenable to a chain of forces that enhance the effects of conditioning. Carbon filtration not only sifts the water but also freshens, deodorizes and eliminates scale.

You reap a range of benefits with this MagnaSoft such as bright and breezy laundry from better soap lathering. It treats your water leaving calcium and magnesium suspended to prevent scale accumulation. You can install for up to two bathrooms and households with flows best suited for the system capacity.

Simple system connections and plain installation instructions makes it DIY-friendly if you prefer not to engage a plumber.

One real downside is the carbon filtration low capacity designed for small households. If you don’t want to cover sprawling areas, the MagnaSoft answers your description squarely.


  • Proven and tested magnetic conditioning
  • Flushes out plethora contaminants
  • High quality valve with advanced digital controller for intuitive, user-friendly control
  • Straightforward installation
  • No chemicals or salts to replenish


  • Low capacity filtration

Finally, the last product in our list is the Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener. The AQUIOS Water Treatment System offers your home an all-in-one water conditioning solution. Unlike salt-using applications, hard minerals pass via the system rather than forming scale on plumbing, appliances and water heater. You’ll not experience the slippery feel anymore; AQUIOS imparts the natural watery quality.

AQUIOS combines commercial-grade technology and high efficiency in a sleek, compact profile. It integrates a revolutionary technology with 5 microns carbon filter and polyphosphate additive that inhibits scale deposits while it eliminates deposits buildup over time. While most people gravitate toward clean, pure and healthier water, this system preserves the minerals without scale buildup.

Another distinctive feature is its full-house solution that protects faucets, fixtures, shower heads or internal devices in contact with flowing water. Pre-installation effects included reduced water off-taste, organic impurities and chlorine.

To be honest, apart from its revolutionary core technology, Aquios has a few shortcomings. For starters, expect low buildup of crystals in the faucet. Also soap or shampoo will not lather well compared to ultra-soft water.

The upshot is AQUIOS offers natural and efficient technology for pure, pristine water. It prevents scale buildup without intensive maintenance.


  • No salt, chemical or water wastage
  • Better water pressure
  • Affordable replacement
  • Durable construction


  • Isolated complaints of it lifespan

Buyer’s Guide-Best Saltless Water Softener 

A lot of people say the line dividing saltless and salt-free water softeners has been blurred by hype.

Sure, the differences between the two go beyond their functional capabilities or final product of filtration but salt-free products pack more benefits than downsides.

The technologies used by salt-less machinery conditions water by crystallizing hard minerals without adding chemicals. They remove and prevent scale build-up, but they fail to make the water soft.

So we encourage you to research widely and understand each product before purchasing to ensure it meets your demand. We recommend these devices for those who want to inhibit scale deposits and drink water rich in essential minerals.

With that out of the way, we can go through some considerations of buying saltless water conditioners.

Installation and Maintenance

Most of salt-free softener systems allow straightforward installation. Compact and simple designs readily hook up with your water lines. The more components you have to fix up, the more complex it gets during installation. Consider optional kits to make the process a breeze or hire a technician to overcome these setbacks. Since no salts are needed, the only aftercare involves filter replacement.


The technology used has serious implications such as efficiency and electricity wattage. Popular methods such as Template Assisted Crystallization, chelation and Clearwave Electronics pack a punch. The results of an installed filtration device depend heavily on the backbone technology. Some devices flush out chlorine, microbes and deleterious particulates while others dissolve any scale that has embedded into plumbing or heating system.

Save on Overhead Costs

You can cut operation costs significantly with these devices as you don’t need to replenish salt frequently. Go for a device that incorporates a resilient filter that requires upgrades once in a blue moon. Devices based on magnetic pulling do not use electricity. Contaminant-attracting media may require swapping with time. Additionally, complex devices gobble up more repair costs after a breakdown than simple hardware.


Water descaling appliances include optional upgrades such as UV filtration and better scale-absorbent media. You can enhance performance by pairing your system with these accessories. Additionally, you can install a premium carbon filter to broaden your reach of foreign particles for purer, better-tasting water.


Having your water tested to gauge its hardness will help you make a more informed choice. A water analysis will pinpoint the most efficient and excellent way to shield your plumbing and appliances against scale along with the benefits of purified water.

The products in our listing provide powerful salt-free systems that will do the job at low costs and minimal maintenance.

Best Saltless Water Softener eliminates the hassle for replenishments, saves money and minimizes concerns regarding sodium levels in water.

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