Top 3 Best Nuvo Water Softener

NuvoH2O products soften water without the monstrosity of sodium. Their compact units use an ecologically-friendly process to purify water throughout your home. CitraCharge Cell Technology powered by food-grade citric acid breaks the molecular bonds of scale before invading your plumbing or appliances. 

Hard water buildup causes clogged plumbing, battered appliances and dreaded spots on glass, fixtures and shower doors. NuvoH2O conditioning units give you a steady stream of fresh, blemish-free and soft water.    

Brief Company Overview-NuvoH2O

Founded in 2006, NuvoH2O is a renowned salt-free water softener that pushes back the boundaries with pocket-friendly solutions. It’s a private company that specializes in water filtering, conditioning with Citrus, scale prevention and removal. The US based fast-growing brand has its headquarters in Murray, UT.

NuvoH2O flushes out bugs for softer water with the power of Citrus. The FDA-certified chelation technology has gained strong toehold in luxury hotels and resorts across the world. NuvoH2O conditioners push out great-tasting, soft and healthy water for all your household demands such as drinking, washing, lawn or nursery watering.

The NuvoH2O lineup is straightforward, food-safe and easy to mount. Everything can be done by a nod and a wink attaching to your water network. The systems don’t require salt, electricity or maintenance for an eco-friendly solution. Tooling up your plumbing system with NuvoH2O will extend the life of your appliances, fixtures and water heaters.

NuvoH2O units provide an ergonomically-friendly and compact constructions best suited for small apartments or condos. The slim line design quickly dovetails into tight spaces. It ditches complex and expensive salt-free systems like magnetic field or electric powered desalination. NuvoH2O uses the chelation process to balance the pH of your water. 

FDA-approved food-grade chelating agent, Citrine binds the hard mineral ions to prevent the formation of crusty deposits that embed into piping or plumbing fixtures.

Best Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

Best Pick- Nuvo H2O Dpmb-Manor

It has the highest household capacity and all staple features of the NuvoH2O water softener units for today’s homeowners needs in a compact construction. You get a cartridge lifespan of 50,000 gallons. 

1. Nuvo H2O Dpmb-Manor- For Big Households Over 4 People

The Nuvo H2O Manor System will inhibit scale build-up and eliminate existing hard water impacts. It’s recommended for a home with more than four people or 2100 square feet space. A salt-free replacement cartridge powerfully flushes out debilitating scale from plumbing.

The NuvoH2O Manor System uses unique technology to decrease the pH level of your water on the primary process of chelation. The FDA-approved, patented formulation keeps the minerals soluble but unable to cause hard water menaces. You enjoy a steady stream of fresh, soft and great-tasting water for drinking, washing, plant watering and bathing.

In the end, the Nuvo H2O Manor System offers a salt-free, water-saving and non-electric powered filtration.


  • Economical and efficient
  • 50,000 cartridge lifespan
  • Reduces scale deposits significantly
  • Easy to install


  • Does not trap all contaminants

2. Nuvo H20 Dphb-Small Households Up To 2 People

This Nuvo H2O Dphb delivers the quenching, salt-free soft water to meet your domestic on-demand requirements. It’s designed to extend the lifespan of your plumbing infrastructure and fixtures. And you can mount it anywhere thanks to its slim profile.

Hard minerals become soluble in the presence of FDA-approved food chelating agent-Citrine. The salt-free system binds the minerals together before they can attack piping or plumbing fixtures. Nuvo equips all models with the chelation process for soft, pristine and fresh water suitable for housekeeping and consumption.

Accordingly, the Dphb model fills the bill for planet-loving homeowners seeking an eco-friendly hard water solution. It’s best suited to small apartments or condos.


  • Slim and lightweight to carry or install easily
  • DIY installation
  • Salt and-electric free to save money and energy
  • Built-in bypass makes cartridge replacement a cushy job


  • Not suitable for overkill mineral ions

3. Nuvo H2O DPSB-Compact For 1-Person

The NuvoH2O Studio System is designed for a house with roughly 1000 square feet of floor space. It can push out fresh-tasting water. Homeowners with hypersensitivity to high sodium content are better off with a salt-free solution like the Nuvo H2O DPSB.

The chelation-driven filtration pares down natural minerals to preserve essential nutrients after conditioning water. You can effectively purify 10,000 gallons of water before swapping the cartridge. It also prevents limescale buildup and eliminates existing hard water deposits.

In all, this NuvoH2O packs money-saving benefits for an apartment or RV dweller thirsty for soft and healthy water. No salt or electricity needed while it preserves water.


  • Cartridge descales up to 10,000 gallons
  • Uses 2’’x10’’ replacement cartridges
  • FDA-approved chelation process
  • Eliminates the negative effects of lime
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not suitable for high hard minerals content

What to consider when buying a Nuvo Water Softener 

Water softening devices play a pivotal role in residential plumbing systems. Buying the best piece of equipment entails you keep vital features in mind. Key details about the popular models and specs of units throw more light on the shopping process to narrow down a product that squares with your needs.


Tank-less softener systems provide higher capacities without a regeneration cycle. Here, you should focus on the lifespan of a cartridge rather than grain capacity for the longest-lasting filtration. Resin-based softener’s grain capacity depends on the tank size.


If you have put a premium on space, go for a slim and compact design to wedge the unit in hard-to-reach areas such as around pipes. For small houses or RVs, an iron or brine tank means you put a quart into a pot. Cartridge-based systems only require a mounting back plate and bracket, screws and a housing wrench.

Softening Technology

Water conditioners apply processes such as magnetic descaling, reverse osmosis and chelation. Reverse osmosis mops up high water bills due to wastage in the process and costs the earth. Chelation eliminates sodium intake if you live in states where ionic exchange systems are banned. Balancing your demands and budget will help you pick the best unit for your house.

Installation and Maintenance

Your whole house filtration unit is easier to install if it’s compact and lightweight. A chelation water softener without tanks and multiple pieces allows straightforward DIY installation. Inspect the package components to ensure you have everything for a quick setup.


Hopefully, we’ve dissected the popular NuvoH2O models and demystified the myths of the water softening world. Once you have diagnosed the water hardness level and municipal policies, it’s time to decide the most appropriate technology or device.

Bear in mind the insights highlighted in the buyer’s guide about the limitation of these water softener units. Identify the root problems and match up with the device that addresses your issues. And one final money-saving tip: you save more with a simple and compact system that eliminates marginal costs. Besides, DIY installation means you don’t need a handyman to pull it off.

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