Best Water Softener Shower Heads for 2021

In many areas, hard water-causing minerals make the soap not to lather for bathing or laundry and desiccate your skin and hair. If you barricade yourself in unfiltered water, you’ll only open a new can of worms. Water softening agents can get the problem off your chest.

The best water softener shower heads quarantine contaminants and inhibit the negative effects of hard water. Hard water is replete with chemicals and impurities such as magnesium, calcium, lime and other particulate matter.

Don’t take this with a grain of salt as it will unleash other stresses and strains like scale build-up along water lines, fixtures or shower heads. Scale deposits in the shower fixtures increase frictional resistance to water flow leading to pressure loss.   

Best Water Softener Shower Heads Reviews

In a crowded marketplace, wise shopping decisions will tip the scales in your favor and help you avoid inconvenient products.

The table below and Buyer’s Guide at the end will give you unique insights to narrow down an improved water-softening system for your shower head.     

#1 Culligan WSH-C125 - Best Overall

Culligan made a name for sustainable technology and engineering solutions in the water world since its founding. World-class filtration devices compatible with domestic plumbing infrastructure, intuitive operation and minimal aftercare demands gives their softening products a competitive edge. Culligan has emerged as a global incubator of cutting-edge water treatment solutions aimed at chemical-free showers.

The Culligan WSH-C125 shower head appears at the top our charts as a winning combination system blending descaling and disinfection. For those thirsty for a refreshing shower experience, this filtration system works like stink with anti-clog rubber spray nozzles that feature five settings for untrammelled comfort. If you rely on well or city water, it will drain off scale for purer showers and keep you in rude health with the hydrating nourishment effect. 

The wall-mount unit sifts out sulfur, scale, 97% of chlorine and other chemicals for up to 10,000 gallons to maintain healthier hair and skin. For unadulterated water, the proprietary filter media bacteriostatic inhibits the proliferation and infiltration of bacteria. It features a high-gloss, decorative chrome finish that enhances overall appearance and match the décor of modern bath.

To wrap up, the Culligan WSH-C125 offers a full toolkit for softening and purifying water. It’s a versatile water-softening unit for homeowners seeking to remove sulfur odor, chlorine, rust, scale and microbial contaminants.


  • Lightweight showerhead mounts quickly without tools
  • Five spray settings tailored to your mood
  • Filters up to 99% of chlorine from water
  •  Cleaner, soft water for nourished hair follicles and skin
  • Branded filter media bacteriostatic


  • 10,000 gallons falls short of a family’s residential needs

#2 AquaBliss Multistage Shower Multi Stage Filter

Next up, we flesh out a top-ranking product cast in the same mold as potent water-softening agents -AquaBliss. Unlike mainstream products, this unit comes tooled up with a multi-stage combination filter system that doubles in brass as a water softener. Since water softening entails a complex process, most shower heads lack a long-lasting ionic exchange phase that softens hard water. If the gloomy picture of harmful contaminants makes your stomach lurch-AquaBliss will give you peace of mind.  

The unit exhausts all the possibilities to squeeze out a refreshing, more nourishing shower with a multi-stage filtration mechanism. Even better, this model integrates a patented blend of KDF-55, reactive carbon and sulfite. It’s designed for those who alternate hot or cold showers. It dispels chlorine, particulates, heavy metals, and annihilates organic matter like fungi or bacteria.

AquaBliss boasts a classic inline design, straightforward DIY tool-less installation and replaceable cartridge filter. It comes with universal ½” connections that readily mate with standard overhead rainfall fixture, handheld and combo shower head. If you have well water, overkill sediment could build up around the internal filter cartridge and disrupt the steady flow of water. You have to flip the cartridge once in a while to unclog your AquaBliss.    

Overall, this AquaBliss will push out pristine liquid from adulterated water streaming from all reservoirs. Water from a well contains high levels of hard minerals while what you get from a treatment plant lurks with chlorine.    


  • ​Durable plastic, chrome finish to decorate bathroom décor
  • ​Universal compatibility with plumbing infrastructure
  • ​Corrosion-proof
  • ​Healthier bodily changes
  • ​Ideal for both hot or cold water temperatures


  • ​Can disrupt shower pressure

#3. PureAction Water Softener Shower Head

Upcoming, is a multi-function shower head under the patronage of PureAction inspired by purist whims and aspirations. Whether for a bath or quenching your thirst, well water raises concern as it swarms with impurities like a dose of salts. Today’s hyperaware consumers sent PureAction to the drawing board to reconstruct a killer bullet for the malevolent range of contaminants. Without a shower head barrier, you bath in an ocean of dissolved minerals that shrivel hair and impair skin cells.    

At the outset, an interjecting PureAction filter eliminates chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and contaminants from well or city water. It also splits off 99.99% of lead, rust, calcium, heavy metals and sediments. This powerful shower filtration technology has a three-phase sieve with an ionic cartridge, sifter sponge and seoul ceramic stones. Another beguiling feature worth a look is its versatility. It includes an adjustable rotating swivel ball joint and three high pressure setting to take your comfort a notch higher.

You also get a superb 3-inch stainless metal shower plate with tiny nozzle jets to agitate water pressure. PureAction SH388 means a clean bill of health from your bath for glowing, youthful skin and healthy hair growth. The Achilles’ heel of this shower head stems from the low-quality feel plastic that could rupture wayward holes or make operations a devil of a job. But a lot of water will have gone under the bridge before such nightmares ensue. Besides, it’s a high pressure shower head at half cheap the price to obscure these sins.

Generally speaking, this shower filter for low pressure envelopes you in soft, gentle and tranquil water streams without adulteration. It’s health-friendly to revitalize your body, hair, skin and nails. Pristine water inhibits itchy skin, desiccated hair and dandruff.


  • Descaling and filtration system
  • Adapted for low pressure
  • Straightforward installation
  • NPT ½” Universal Attachment 
  • Long-lasting cartridge replaceable 8-to-10 months


  • Cheap plastic build

#4. Culligan ISH-100 Inline Filter for Existing Shower Heads

Now, we’ll dart a glance at Culligan’s brainchild, a world-renowned innovator in the water treatment industry. It may sound like an overly generous description but this company has rolled out programs that attest this claim. Founded in 1936, it has created a Research & Development and Analytical Lab, an innovative engine to keep novel water treatment solutions coming down the pike. Culligan prides itself as a global supplier of water softening, filtration and bottled H20.

Culligan’s ISH-100 Inline Filter sports the company’s logo and surfaces with touches of polished chrome finish. The luxury design decks out your shower with a contemporary feel. Onto the performance department, this inline shower filter features WHR-140 to rinse out chlorine, scale and deodorize sulfur odor.

It will bathe you in streams of pure, clean water to put roses back in your cheeks with healthier skin and hair.

Regarding novelty, Culligan developed a proprietary filter media with bacteriostatic properties to block passage and outgrowth of bacteria. Culligan reminds us to use healthier water unsparingly for a synergy of nourishing benefits. For those who live in areas with hard water problems, you get a cleansing device with a lifetime of up to 10,000 gallons. In the same breath, anyone can hook up this shower head with existing bathroom plumbing to weed out yuck dissolved in water.

We should draw your attention to the inherent constraints of this product. This Culligan ISH-100 has design flaws that threaten the lifespan and resilience of the shower head.


  • Snaps into standard ½” thread shower heads
  • Softer, unblemished skin and stronger hair strands
  • Trademarked filter media bacteriostatic
  • Tool-less installation
  • Allows for sustained use of existing shower head


  • Design sucks

#5. Flowtec Filtered Handheld Filtered Shower Head 

FLOWTEC started out as a leading pump maker and later started engineering groundbreaking solutions for water issues. Unveiled in 1995, the company has been in the frontline of advanced pump technology and valves. Like other companies eyeing a burgeoning global market, FLOWTEC diversified its production with a broad range of domestic devices such as shower head filters.

The company has long-standing history manufacturing water-based products giving it a slight edge against rivals.

This Flowtec features a distinctive, see-through plastic with a decorative element while exposing glorious water-softening pellets. The architecturally ultra-modern and sleek device steeped in a minimalistic design offers an upscale, stylish appearance. However, it’s a two-edged sword as the plastic will develop stress cracks and tear with time.    

FLOWTEC adds more layers of filtration with germanium mineral balls, tourmaline and medical stone spheres to seize a vast percentage of impurities. The tourmaline bioactive mineral balls ignite negative ionic exchange in sync with the triple sieving to virtually flush out all the foreign contaminants. That, combined with its crystal-clear design, makes it the ultimate fusion of form and function. 

You can significantly reduce chemicals, bacteria and hard water-causing minerals from your city water for refreshing, invigorating showers. Eight ethereal spray settings and humongous shower head size that makes streams feel softer while ranging over more surface area. For health enthusiasts, you’ll revamp your body with a hydrating effect. It helps pare down alkalinity and chlorine toxicity.  

Overall, this revolutionary design will trap plethora contaminants like drying chlorine, microbial matter and foreign particles. However, it’s not a workhorse for frequent abuse and extreme use.


  • Negative ionic exchange hydrates and repairs delicate or less elastic skin
  • Transparent, decorative styling
  • Eight blissful spray settings
  • Ball filter technology for long-term usability
  • Laser-cut cone shape holes for environmentally-friendly solution


  • Inherent structural defects

#6. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

Now, let’s turn to a renowned brand that has made a mark in the water treatment market-Aquasana. Aquasana has unveiled numerous water engineering products including whole-house treatment technology and shower filters. The water filter maker was acquired by A.O. Smith in 2016. In the same year, it emerged the 2016 North American Residential Water Treatment Company of the Year. The company crafts and assembles its world-class family of top-class and NSF-certified domestic water filters in the US.

With increased customer vigilance on water quality issues and products or solutions, Aquasana added innovative residential equipment to its portfolio.

Aquasana is in the frontline of contaminant removal while it leverages A.O Smith’s proprietary technology to design more compact and efficient treatment systems. Aquasana AQ-4100 represents a bespoke point-of-entry device developed for bathrooms to inhibit water contamination.

Like every Aquasana product, this shower water filter embodies three core customer-centric tenets-efficiency, value, and versatility.  

Its filtration contains copper/zinc and coconut shell carbon media. Organic coconut shell carbon sifts out chlorine and other deleterious chemicals. Copper+ zinc media suppresses chlorine and improves water pH balance. Pristine shower water gives bathers shinier hair and softer skin.

For ultimate versatility, you can cross-shop their premium massaging shower head or deluxe handheld massage wand for unfettered settings to tailor your experience to your mood. The filter supports 10,000 gallons or 6 months of showering without wear and tear.

Onto the downsides, contaminants like chloramine and micro-particulate matter may slip through the net.

Be that as it may, this Aquasana decreases alkalinity, chlorination and hardness to keep you in fine fettle after every bath.


  • Simple mounting without installation tools
  • Unique two-phase up-flow filter for micron-filtration
  • Improves taste and flavor
  • Multiple settings for versatility
  • Softer, more hydrated skin cells and glowing, stronger hair


  • Lacks micro-precision filtration technology  

#7. Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

Jonathan Beauty Products is one of the unsung heroes of the residential water treatment niche. It’s a fast-growing brand known to launch cutting-edge technologies that underpin high precision craftsmanship. Jonathan’s grand collection boasts a variety of products that pair state-of-the-art technology with revolutionary engineering.

This newly-created shower purification system promises a luxurious and nourishing showering regimen, so we decided to test this claim.

Quality materials, first-rate design and revolutionary engineering produced the shower head sifter of the future. While the minimalistic design makes it a breeze to mount, you’ve to get it off to a flying start with a steady stream of cold water and gradually increase temperature. Failure to follow this step will cause water jets to rage out of control and unleash leakage.  

The unique, proprietary BEAUTY WATER shower system possesses first-rate filter industrial design to transform ordinary, adulterated residential water into clean pH-balanced liquid without toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The two-phase system enhances optimum removal of contaminants.

Beauty Water envelopes you in a natural-like spring of water in its untouched form. It’s proven for getting rid of synthetic pollutants and toxic heavy metals.

As far as health is concerned, you’ll feel like a new man or woman. You get newfound confidence with rejuvenated skin, softer hair with strands that live longer and sparkle all times.

Beauty Water incorporates carbonized coconut shells to make well or city water pure as snow for a luxurious and enlivening shower experience. Sure it may splash out if you don’t adhere to the instructions, but a secure installation will do the trick.


  • Proprietary, unique two-stage shower filter system
  • Eliminates synthetic chemicals or heavy metals
  • Ecologically-benign and economical solution
  • Health-oriented construction
  • Dramatically strengthens skin, hair and nails


  • May leak at the cartridge

#8. Luxsego Ionic Shower Head with Replacement Hose and Holder

Jonathan Products wasn’t the only brand that wanted to push the envelope with a shower head designed for luxurious spa experience. The Luxsego Ionic Handheld offers another high-end filtration shower head that became a smash hit of the stores in its earliest days. It epitomizes the next generation of potent shower head purification systems.

For starters, the Luxsego’s solid and durable materials with bright and transparent properties blend with timelessly modern decor for more elegance. And it doesn’t get battered by repetitive use thanks to its high-density filter and quick disassembly to spruce up.

Besides their aesthetic value, the infrared mineral balls and negative ion spheres provide a synchronized sifting system.  The system purges chlorine and sucks up lethal substances from the air, softens and disinfects shower water. With a general size G ½”, it snaps securely into standard-sized hoses. No toolkit or handyman needed, it’s easy to install right off the bat.

Experience lavish luxury with three spray patterns devised to broaden your horizons in the bathroom. The three shower modes include Rainfall, Massage and Jetting; it allows you to change tack to soothe your moods. Additionally, it offers nature-friendly benefits by saving water and agitating pressure for a steady stream.

As it happens, no product has ever left the manufacturing plant without flaws. Objectively, this Luxsego Ionic Handheld packs a punch but we’ve to list the bare bones of the invention. With this ball handheld shower head’s robust pressure, some minerals build up around the filter over the long haul.

 All in all, this Luxsego Ionic Handheld works like stink cleansing water with special mineral spheres that improve the uptake of hard minerals from the water. Expect glowing skin, enhanced oil secretion and cell viability. 


  • Ionic filtration inhibits contaminants
  • Agitates water pressure
  • Quick installation
  • High-quality stainless and ABS materials
  • Special minerals coloring and chrome finish


  • Replenishing beads imposes maintenance errands  

#9. Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

Lastly, we introduce Aqua Elegante’s confluence of sophisticated elegance and efficiency in contaminant removal. Aqua Elegante started as a small, family-owned company selling first-class shower heads online in 2015. Throughout the years, they have expanded their product portfolio including pocket-friendly bathroom products.

We wanted to breathe life into any soulless bathroom and transform it into a chic powder room. We explored Aqua Elegante’s broad spectrum of superb pieces, this High Output Filter looks amazingly rich mounted.    

Aqua Elegante broke the lull with a high output deluxe shower filter that ensnares unhealthy chemicals within its tentacles for fresh showers with nourishing benefits.

The seller acknowledges a shower filter neither works as an osmotic sifter nor an impermeable membrane against dissolved solids. TDS taints the natural flavor of water, but from a bathroom standpoint, it’s mild.

Interestingly, this blemish-free filter annihilates and inhibits growth of bacterial or fungal guilds. With it, you’ll get a decline in sensitivities such as flaky scalp, desiccated skin, dandruff, eczema, and inflammation. It sloughs off toxins, heavy metals and chlorine.

It incorporates KDF 55 filtration media to seize heavy metals that may blemish your bathtub and curbs the explosion of scale, mold, and fungi without compromising pressure. It installs in a jiffy following a straightforward process and dovetails into any shower head.

For powerful purification, the Aqua Elegante shower filter uses an exclusive granulated active carbon with a pristine copper-zinc alloy dubbed KDF-55. While the competition eradicates only a handful of the multitudes of bugs, this filter has active carbon to engulf herbicides, chlorine, pesticides and other particulates through adsorption. KDF-55 destroys hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, heavy metals and arsenic through an electro-chemical oxidation reaction.

However, the filter allows fluorides, calcium and other impurities to slip through its cracks. Bear in mind products with an impassable barrier costs an arm and a leg. Remember we didn’t put the water under the microscope to pry for lurking contaminants. You only notice more softness, dechlorination and mineral-scarcity as you bathe.

Overall, the Aqua Elegante fills the bill for a cleaner, purer shower that enhances the health of your skin cells, oil secretory glands, hair, and nails. If you can put up with its anticipated limitations, it’s a must-have.


  • Relieves sensitivities from adulterated water
  • KDF-55 media and activated filter for optimum filtration
  • Youthful skin glow and resilient hair follicles
  • Skill-less DIY installation
  • Lasts for 6 months or 12,000 gallons


  • Does not block Total Dissolved Solids

Best Water Softener Shower Heads-Buyer’s Guide 

Showering lies at the heart of any health-centered regimen and bathing in pure water nurtures a lively skin, hair and nails. Pristine, soft water without a deluge of chemicals like chlorine can produce silkier, sparkling skin without flakes and itches. Make your bathing and skin care a notch better by introducing a shower head filtration system.

Benefits of a softener shower heads

When you shield yourself against the detriments of hard water and impurities, you reap rewards like:

  • Improved skin moisture, no more dehydration, flakes and itchiness
  • Soft, tamed hair
  • Decreased fading of colored hair
  • Balanced pH

 How Do I Find the Best Softener Shower Heads?

Filter System

Look for a shower head filter that sifts chlorine, heavy metals, organic contaminants and all the bad guys. A vast majority of the shower filters target chlorine with KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion), carbon and other unique contaminant-trapping media. Go for the most improved filtration technology that removes a vast proportion of foreign particles.


Most softeners integrate a replaceable cartridge filter with a pre-determined longevity such as 10,000 gallons. No product will last forever but choosing high-quality materials could give your equipment nine lives. Check out the lifespan of the filter and milk the highest gallons range for unending luxury baths.


Pick a piece of equipment designed to hook up with standard shower arms. Avoid complicated devices as this limits applicability in your home. Compatible units will not require laborious and costly modification of the conventional or modern plumbing infrastructure. The design should not offend discriminating tastes with annoying assembly.

Availability and Budget for Replaceable Filters

Before you leap at any softening appliance, ensure it integrates a replacement cartridge which is readily available and wallet-friendly. You’ve to tread carefully to avoid branded filters that break the bank or fade from the market.  


Only Culligan WSH-C125 acts as an all-round buffer for hard minerals, chlorine, and other toxic contaminants in our review. AquaBliss Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge also boasts a unique blend of redox media to purify city or well water and remove hard minerals.

Top-class water softener shower heads work with both hot and cold temperatures, offer adjustable pressure settings and decorative profile to blend with modern bathroom décor. Higher contaminants-trapping capacity improves skin cells, hair growth and prevents sensitivities.

As filter technologies evolve, the next-generation of shower head softeners will eliminate the most evasive particulate matter or microbes. Do you know an alternative we’ve omitted? Don’t hesitate to let us know.  

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