Top 3 Best North Star Water Softeners for 2021

Lately, NorthStar broke new ground after tooling up water softener units with double-lined, reinforced and high-density salt storage tanks. NorthStar uses a highly potent, proprietary and long-life resin formula to preserve salt or water.

A bed agitator employs pressure for nonstop removal of rust, grime and dissolved solids. NorthStar’s “Look-Ahead” regeneration and counter-current flow optimizes the impacts of each cycle.

NorthStar’s lineup has specially formulated options for residential and commercial applications.      

Brief Company Overview of NorthStar

Since 1925, NorthStar has remained in the frontline of innovation. It was taken over by Ecowater and Marmon Group of Companies, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathway. Onsite production of units made with few moving components propelled the brand to the apex of the industry.

NorthStar has been in the forefront of revolutionary water treatment solutions to generate clean, pristine and soft water. They offer space-saving water softener units. Their collection has easy to install and versatile modular products that mate to your plumbing infrastructure.

The lineup systems branch off into cabinet water and two-tank water softeners units. Each lineup incorporates groundbreaking peak performance technology, high grade materials and the high flow pressure needed by modern homes.     

Best North Star Water Softeners

Best Pick- NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand Cabinet Water Softener

It has the staple features of a quintessential North Star water softener unit and an LCD display screen with all the details needed to keep its functioning at full tilt.   

1. North Star NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand Water Softener

The North Star NSC40UD1 tops the chart as a cabinet model engineered for improved water flow rates and decreased pressure loss. With a maximum capacity of 39,000 grains, it packs a punch for medium-sized households with moderate hard water issues.

It comes in a compact design and energy-efficient system tailored to today’s homeowner needs. For a quick setup, adjust the hardness and time on the LCD display. The display shows metrics such as time and current flow.

Overall, this North Star NSC40UD1 boasts all the exclusive features and DNA of North Star softener units for all hard water menaces.  


  • Efficiency selector mechanism
  • Compact profile
  • Filters up to 99% of chlorine from water
  • Impressive performance


  • A bit expensive

2. North Star NSRO42C4 Reverse Osmosis

NSRO42C4 provides a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system designed to diminish potentially toxic contaminants in your drinking water. It comes in a slim design for mounting under the sink to get a steady stream of filtered water from any tap.

RO uses your house water pressure to reverse osmosis. Water under pressure is directed through a semi-permeable barrier that sifts out minerals and impurities. Clean drinking water flows to the faucet or reservoir, while foreign particles go down the chute with RO waste solution.

On the whole, this NSRO42C4 system reduces impurities and dechlorinates home water for the natural taste and odor.


  • Traps more contaminants using RO
  • Water Quality Monitor that automatically alerts you to replace filters and membrane
  • Slim design fits beneath the sink
  • Installation toolkit with everything but the kitchen sink
  • Quick-change auto shutoff cartridges


  • 6-month filter lifespan

3. North Star NSAS 6500

North Star offers Scale Management System in three models, including NSAS 2500, NSAS 4500 and NSAS 6500. The Scale Management Media has a high charge density and better potential to slough off hard minerals than other media. It desalinates water through the precipitation of hardness.

This model NSAS 6500 precipitates calcium carbonate gradually within the openings of the media with hard water flowing through it. For households hard hit by minerals, this unit reduces the negative impacts and lowers the scaling potential.

In the end, this NSRO42C4 water conditioner will decrease water hardness without disrupting flow rate or pressure. The manufacturer recommends it for a 4-member family household water usage.


  • Built-in pressure relief valve
  • 50,000 gallons capacity
  • Compact design


  • Reduces hardness slightly and not entirely

What to look when buying North Star Water Softener

Hard water plagues swathes of American states making home filtration systems the greatest thing since indoor plumbing. Softener units provide healthier, softer water for your family. When choosing a water conditioner system a number of considerations come into play.

  • Single vs. Twin Cylinder Water Softeners

Single cylinder water softeners will regenerate for a constant supply of soft water with surging demand. These battery-and-electric powered units come in a variety of sizes. Two cylinder meter-controlled units regenerate on demand and use block salt.

  • Salt Quantity

Salt-based water softeners rely on ionic exchange for descaling. However, overkill sodium in water poses health hazards for your family. Low salt and salt-less high capacity systems offer safer options.

  • Salt-Based vs. Salt-Free Systems

Ionic exchange or salt-based softeners use sodium to neutralize the negative impacts of hard minerals. Salt-free systems act as descaling agents to inhibit the nightmare scenarios of hard minerals. Salt-based units dwarf their counterparts in reducing minerals.

  • Size

Home usage demands determine the potential dimensions of your go-to water softener unit. Larger families should go for the dual tank while space conscious homeowners are better off with a single storage.

 Using the Best North Star Water Softener will inhibit clogging, spots and the multitudes of sins from hard minerals. Besides, you can get results right off the bat from their efficient and innovative technologies. Their models are virtually maintenance-free, easy to operate and compatible with plumbing systems.

Hope you now have a fresh pair of eyes to buy the best water softener. Explore more insights about products listed on giant stores such as Amazon right here.

  • April 30, 2019

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