Fleck Water Softener Head

Why Buy A Fleck Water Softener Head

It has been said by historians that the next world war will not be fought over fossil fuels or land – it will be fought over potable water. This is why many people are turning to home filtration systems that will make their water as healthy as possible. This is one of the reasons that those who are taking water from municipal water sources or out of groundwater sources are taking extra care to make sure that their families are getting the best h2o that is possible – and that might be the installation of a fleck softener.

One of the reasons that a household may require a water softener device is due to the amount of dissolved calcium carbonate (and other minerals) in the water.

‘Hard water’, with a large amount of calcium carbonate can have a variety of adverse effects. Firstly it can stain ceramic, secondly, it can cost your household money because of buildup in the pipes that supply water to your household.A large amount of calcium carbonate in the water can also lead to dry skin – and that soapy water that you experience when using personal cleaning products can be difficult to rinse off.

The problem can be solved through the use of mechanisms that ‘soften’ the water through the removal of the particles that may contribute to ‘hard water’ However there are other parts of that system that need to be installed – and the best of these has been time-proven – such as a Fleck Water Softener Head.

Now are Fleck Water Softener valves worth the money that you will spend on them? The answer is pretty simple if you want a superior shower experience then this company has a solution that has stood the test of time – around three generations of users have stood behind their products.

The first thing that will occur to the average homeowner is the cost of the shower head installation. The fact of the matter is that fitting one of these systems to your showerhead will be far cheaper than installing a whole-house softening system – and they are easy to install as a DIY project. When that filter runs out you can quite easily have it replaced – and you can do it yourself. In fact, most of those filter cartridges will cost only around $100 – and they should last between 3 and six months depending on the amount of use.

However, it is worth noting that shower water softening systems may not always be the best solution for all households. Hard water can lead to reduced life expectancy for appliances such as washing machines – a significant investment.

Fleck manufactures a variety of products, not only softening heads and this is a company that has built a reputation for quality. If you are in an area where the municipal water supply or groundwater features large amounts of minerals it might be a good idea to investigate the products that this company produces – they pay dividends in health and appliance longevity.

  • June 7, 2021

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