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Where To Find Fleck Water Softener Dealers

If water softening is not on your radar, it may come as a surprise that 85% of the water supply in the United States is hard water. If you have been noticing a scale build-up on your bathtubs, pipes, and utensils, it is a clear indication of hard water. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of soft water, it is as easy as installing a good quality water softening system in your home or business by finding the best fleck water softener for your needs. We have done the research to bring you the best water softeners that will save you a lot of money on energy bills and cleaning materials and your skin and will thank you for it.
Fleck Systems
Fleck water systems supply water softeners and backwashing filters utilizing the proven reliability of their Fleck Valve. For more than 50 years Fleck Systems has led the way in advanced control valve technology. The range of valves includes the 5600, 9100, and 2510 options and many more just read the reviews.
Fleck Water Softener Dealers
Fleck is the registered trademark of Fleck Controls and Pentair. Fleck Water Softener dealers are available on Amazon; however, FleckSystems.com and US Water Systems are not in any way affiliated with Fleck Controls and only support the products they sell directly to their customers. Their legendary technical support is only available if you buy a Fleck System or any parts and accessories directly from them. If you buy a Fleck Water Softener System on Amazon you should be aware that you won’t be getting any technical support from the company that sold it to you via Amazon. Hundreds of people call Fleck for technical support when they can’t find anyone to talk to when they encounter issues.
Fleck 2510 SXT – Metered Water Softener
There are a multitude of water softener options available online from around $500 but if you are looking for a more robust, professional-grade system the Fleck 2510 is the way to go. The rugged control valve and Solid State SXT electronics of the Fleck 2510 are legendary for its superior quality and significant longevity. Some of its outstanding features include:
  • A microprocessor control that utilizes only one moving part in the water stream.
  • The metered water softener automatically adjusts to changes in water usage in order to save on salt usage. It only regenerates when needed to avoid running out of softened water.
  • There are no dials or gears so you never have to set the system again after it has been set.
  • A capacitator backup stores the memory in case of a power outage.
  • The low 24 Volt system uses less than $3.00 electricity per year.
  • It has a lifetime warranty on the tank and resin and a 5-year guarantee on the electronics and valve.
Fleck 9100 Light-duty Twin Alternating Water Softener
The Fleck light-duty ¾” water softener is designed for light-duty applications for example home usage, coffee shops, lab water systems, and as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems. Even though the Fleck 9100 is low on frills, it is high on performance flowing up to 19 Gallons per Minute, and will perform efficiently for many years. The computerized meter control, once set, never has to be set again. It has a ten-year guarantee on the tanks and 5 years on the valve and electronics.
Fleck 5600 SXT Metered Water Softener System
If you like a classic mechanical meter, the electronic version of the Fleck 5600 has fewer working parts that make it virtually trouble-free. Updated from an older version to match 21st-century SXT electronics, the 5600 water softener control valve has become one of the most popular in the world. The new version features a Noryl valve body with a precision piston seal spacer assembly.
  • June 7, 2021

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