Eddy Water Descaler – Electronic Water Softener

Softeners have a good reputation for being useful and efficient. Some types use salt and other minerals to eliminate the harmful particles, while others use different methods like electromagnetic waves to reduce the effect of magnesium and calcium ions in the water. The main difference between a softener and a descaler is the fact that a descaler uses electricity, while softeners use natural elements to process hard water.

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The Basics

The first thing you should know is that this is not a softener and it doesn’t completely remove calcium and magnesium from the water. Instead, it changes the properties so that scale doesn’t build up in the pipes. As you can assume, it’s not as efficient as a softener, but they are pretty close.

The device is certified by the FCC, so it’s not a marketing hoax designed to empty your pockets. In fact, it works, although not as well as a softener. The best things about this model are the ease of installation and no maintenance whatsoever.

Previous experience isn’t required, everything regarding this unit is written in the user manual. The device is pretty simple, and it contains only a few critical features. It may not be a top-notch model, but it’s perfectly suitable for a smaller home that has a problem with hard water.

Eddy Water Descaler review


The  Technology

Descalers use a powerful electromagnetic field to separate the scale-forming ions by shattering the particles using an electromagnetic force. The waves passing through the liquid paralyze the harmful micro-particles by oscillating at high frequencies. As you can see, this type doesn’t use salt, plumbing, or complex operations.

The  Easy Install

This factor is what makes this model attractive and worth buying. Many models on the market require a professional intervention which can cost up to several hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, if you have unsuitable plumbing in your household, the price adds up pretty quickly. However, all you have to do to make this unit work is wrap two coils around two pipes and turn the device on, that’s it. There is no fine setup, fancy displays, and complicated controls; everything is pretty easy and quick.

The device works best on plastic and metal pipes. However, you should avoid iron and lead due to poor conductivity. The included coils are recommended for pipes with a maximum of 1.5-inch diameter. If you have large pipes in your home, there is an upgraded version of this model available.

No Maintenance

The unnecessary maintenance hassle is a great benefit of this particular model. While other models usually require a dose of regular maintenance, this one doesn’t need it at all. Because it runs on electricity, you don’t even have to change the batteries. Bear in mind; the device is not waterproof. Therefore, make sure that you leave some space between the device and the power outlet. As you probably know, the combination of water and electricity isn’t the best one by any means.

The Warranty

When talking about the Eddy descaler, we cannot skip mentioning the greatness of its warranty. People get easily impressed by 5-year or 10-year warranties. This model has a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. If you take a moment and think about it, you need to buy this device only once. From that moment on, you’ll get a replacement every time a problem occurs instead of having to buy a new unit.

What Do the Users Say About It?

The main issue with this product is that people often mistake it for a softener. When it doesn’t meet their expectations, it gets labeled as trash. People who comprehend the concept of a descaler seem to like this model. The thing most people refer to is the ease of installation and use. Also, the price difference between this type and the sodium ones is pretty significant. Descalers are more affordable and much simpler. However, the performance cannot be compared - the softeners take a convincing victory.

It has a solid 4-star rating on Amazon which is not impressive, but acceptable and satisfactory. Most of the negative reviews are about its underperformance compared to a regular softener, which is an incompatible comparison, to say the least.

There are three things that users love about the Eddy descaler – affordability, ease of use, and lifetime warranty.

The Pros and Cons

Like every other product, this one has its disadvantages and benefits. Although the list isn’t long, you should take a look at these parameters so that you know if it’s the right thing for you or not.


- Affordable

- Easy and quick installation

- Doesn’t use salt

- Doesn’t require maintenance

- Great warranty conditions


¬Significantly less efficient than a softener

- Lack of controls

- Results aren’t visible for months

The Conclusion

If you’re not searching for a high-end device with a ton of features and a hefty price, you would probably benefit from this particular model. Remember, this is not a softener but a descaler, and there’s a significant difference between those two devices. Softeners clean the water of harmful minerals completely, while a descaler uses electromagnetic waves to isolate the particles and separate them from the water molecules.

Would we recommend this product? – Yes, we would, if it’s for the right cause. You need to take good care of its capabilities before opting to purchase one. The reason behind it is pretty simple – it has limits. If you get familiar with those limits, you will be able to calculate whether it’s worth buying.

If you live in a large household, the best option is to keep looking. While the Eddy descaler does its job well, it’s not a match to a standard softener. The conventional models show results after only a few days of use, while these need a couple of months to improve the condition of the water. It’s a good product for a great price, but it’s not suitable for every plumbing system.

  • March 21, 2019

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