Top 6 Best Morton Water Softener

Hard water leaves nightmares in its wake, including soap curd, dilapidated plumbing, scaled appliances and low pressure. As a homeowner or entrepreneur, you need a compact, affordable and maintenance-free water purification system to generate fresh, great-tasting water.

At the outset, you should have your water tested for hardness, particulate matter, bacteria and other qualities. If the sample shows you have overkill minerals, a water softener could be a life-saver.

About Morton Salt Brand

Founded by Joy Morton, Morton Salt entered the US consumer market many moons ago. Since 1848, the company has played a pivotal role in the supply of residential water treatment salt and softener units.

Homeowners or businesses in the market for a whole house or premises water softening system will reap plenty of benefits from Morton Salt products.

Their units boast sophisticated systems like look ahead technology with water saving and maintenance-free applications. Traditional water softeners require the homeowner to regenerate by backwashing to flush out accumulated minerals. Morton softeners free up users from brining to re-saturate the resin pellets with sodium or replenish the salts.

Their filtration system gets rid of new filters and bottled water. The units eliminate hard minerals, dechlorinate city or well water, decrease sediment and maintain pressure. Some purge traces of iron and rust. In the Morton world, the grain rating of every model is very telling of its efficiency. Grain rating represents the amount of hard minerals the device can quarantine before starting a regeneration cycle.    

Top 6 Best Morton Water Softener

With their lineup of softeners, you get a compact, space-saving single tank-you won’t put a quart into a pot. For quick installation, these devices come with all fittings. Easy programming unchains you from constant follow-ups.

#1. Morton M30- for homes and Business

We recommend the M30 as an economical solution for the whole house and small business.

The M30 rides on the crest of Morton’s Look-Ahead technology. A control panel archives your home or business water demands and computes when it will hit filtering capacity. It regenerates intermittently rather than at dead of night. Accordingly, it pumps your water lines full with soft water without disrupting your normal schedule. You can also activate a regeneration cycle manually.

The M30 includes all the fittings needed for a straightforward installation process. The control panel’s intuitive program sets the clock and hardness level.

At the end of the day, it’s a potent device to desalinate and filter iron for efficient lathering soap, brighter laundry and pristine spot-free dishes.      


  • Compact and floor-saving design
  • 30,000 grain capacity
  • Not a hungry salt eater
  • Versatile compatibility


  • Requires replenishment of salt

#2. Morton 8706 27K-Regenerates

The compact Morton 8706 Softener Unit boasts a single tank that stores 200 pounds of salts and resin. It’s 44” tall to keep everything at close range and free up floor space.

This product has a virtually maintenance-free operation with the patented Look-Ahead technology. You’ll get a steady supply of soft water with immediate or nocturnal regeneration cycles.

It has straightforward installation as it includes all nuts and bolts. Programming the unit is easy. Just punch out the day’s schedule and the hardness level.

Considering everything, the 27,000 Grain Capacity quenches your premises with 6.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM). It gives the best bang for your buck.


  • Eradicates hard minerals and iron
  • Very affordable
  • 27,000 Grain Capacity


  • Small salt compartment imposes frequent aftercare

#3. Morton Pool Salt-

Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt contains high purity sodium chloride designed to cleanse residential or small facility swimming pools. It lacks anti-caking agents such as sodium ferrocyanide. It will maintain a proper balance for water in your swimming pool. The formula dissolves rapidly in saltwater chlorinators for pure, sparkling water in your pool.

The high purity pool salt dissolves rapidly for trouble-free and straightforward use. It’s a natural, additives-free to keep staining at bay. A blemish-free media like Morton Salt enhances water clarity. Since it’s subsumed quickly, it keeps your water chemistry on an even keel without the doses of chemicals.

Consequently, this salt cleanses your water without the hazards of chlorinated chemicals for clear and pristine pools. However, it’s not meant to be used with water softeners.


  • High purity, fast-dissolving media
  • All-natural
  • Easy-to-carry and use
  • Skin-friendly water


  • Added costs over traditional chlorination systems

#4. Morton Rust Remover

Homeowners or businesses hard hit by high iron waters will find Morton Rust Remover super pellets salt music to their ears. The solid, crystalline and odorless pellets contain sodium chloride and citric acid to suck up rust or iron. You get a softener that inhibits rust stains, improves water taste and 15 times more potency than plain salts.

For starters, these salt pellets deliver a steady amount of resin cleansing agents for each regeneration cycle. You also eradicate iron accumulation in your softener resin. It’s designed to run at full pelt and improve the durability of your appliances. On the flip side, the pellets have high reactivity with strong acids and strong oxidizing agents. Aqueous citric acid corrodes reactive metals.

In all, the Morton Rust Remover recharges water softeners where iron seeps into plumbing systems. It eliminates rust stains on tiles, fixtures, appliances and pipes.


  • High purity salt specially formulated for iron-rich water
  • Eliminates 15x more iron than pure salts
  • Inhibits the negative effects of rust
  • Maintains maximum efficiency for water softeners
  • Time release action and new ergonomic grip


  • Not a standalone solution for water treatment

#5. Morton System Saver - Water Softening Pellets

Next up, we flesh out Morton Salt 1501 to ensure your water will not go off the boil. Water conditioners have received more publicity than softener salts but they too a pivotal role in removing yuck. Morton’s water softener salts are blazing the trail in the niche due to their efficiency. This 1501 has a proprietary ‘SystemSaver’, which gives the formula an edge over the standard evaporated salt on the stores.

These pellets enable the units to maintain peak efficiency over the long haul. If your water system has a high mineral buildup, this formula will work like charm. Onto the handling department, you get an intuitive tab paired with a hard handle for ergonomic transport and pouring. This formula does not contain phosphate and also doubles in brass as an iron remover.

Putting your money into this salt will not bleed you dry as it’s not mopped up in large quantities. As long as you have a Morton water softener or unit from other brands, it slashes down costs, enhances operation and cleaner water.


  • Straightforward and intuitive toolkit
  • Patented formula
  • Helps improve appliance and water heater performance
  • Reduces scale buildup in showers and bathtubs
  • Helps provide longer lasting plumbing


  • Sodium and corrosive salt brine effluents

#6. Morton Aquarium Salt - Water Softening Crystal

Lastly, we examine the Morton Solar Salt and water softening crystals, a chemical-free product. These all-natural salt crystals provide purer water. They reduce scale buildup on pipes and surfaces. You also eliminate spots on faucets and sinks. It’s best suited for pets or well filter systems to generate fresh water. And it’s readily available to replenish your supplies at local stores.

It’s aquarium-friendly and offers a safe salt supplement for fresh water or koi pond. Homeowners or premises with fish ponds or fresh water aquariums can pin their hopes on these additive-free crystals. You’ll need to whip up a solution before dissolving it in the pond or aquarium.

On the whole, this Morton Aquarium Salt will purify your pond or fresh water supply. It’s a pristine, unadulterated formula without impurities such as YPS and iodine.


  • High purity media with no additives
  • Suitable for fresh water aquariums and fish ponds
  • Appropriate size for crystals
  • All-natural and cost-efficiency 
  • Softer, more hydrated skin cells and glowing, stronger hair


  • Negative impacts of salt

Buying Guide for buying the best Best Morton Water Softeners

Morton has carved out a market niche with powerful water softeners and salt pellets. To get your money’s worth in the Morton world, take these wise buying tips onboard.

  • Go for Look Ahead technology so you don’t have to babysit the unit during a regeneration cycle
  • First-rate fiberglass enhances durability and efficiency
  • A vast majority of Morton Water Softeners consume 2 ½ to 7 lbs of salt during the regeneration cycle
  • Morton’s system safer has the power to recharge the salt pellets may help curb the damage of the plumbing without maintenance-costly filters
  • Salt-based technologies have proven desalination power  

Final Verdict

Water softener makers have developed technologies such as ion exchange, automatic conditioners and reverse osmosis. However, the size, sophistication of the assembly and marginal costs place reverse osmosis machines beyond the reach of ordinary consumers.

Morton now offers consumer-centered solutions. Their water softeners enjoy strong brand loyalty globally. You get a winning combination of look-ahead technology, compatibility with plumbing infrastructure, grain capacity, affordability, and ease of use.

 In conclusion, we hope this Best Morton Water Softener has thrown more light to making a more informed choice.
  • April 30, 2019

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