Wayde King Water Filtration

Wayde King Water Filtration Reviews

Wayde KingFinding the right water filtration system can make a big difference in the quality and taste of your water. For this reason, you want to do your due diligence when shopping for a system. Wayde King is a well-known brand within the filtration business that is recognized for having some of the best-performing systems. Below, we will be going over some of the best King Water filtration systems you can find on the market.

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King Water Filtration Reviews

Eco Series 15 4-Stage Water Filtration and No-Salt Conditioning System

Wayde King - WK-ECO-MUN-948

Suitable for up to three bathrooms, the Eco-Series 15 offers a system that is completely salt and potassium free. Likewise, it offers the added convenience of not having to worry about swapping out filters nor any serious maintenance. There is a lot to like about King Water’s entire Eco Series. Not only does it offer a lot of convenience and quality of life features, but it does so while delivering exceptional performance.

The system features King Water’s patented anti-scale ionizer which works to reduce hard water scale formation inside of your plumbing system and appliances. As a result, you will have much less annoying and troublesome build-up within your pipes and even in your appliances which can extend the lifespan of each. Likewise, the ionization of the water can help deliver healthier drinking water by making it much more balanced in terms of its pH levels.


  1. No Maintenance
  2. 10-Year All-Inclusive Warranty
  3. Eco-Friendly


  1. Installation Can Take Long

King Water Eco Series 20 4-Stage Water Filtration and No-Salt Conditioning System

 King Water Filtration - WK-ECO-MUN-1252

Suitable for up to five bathrooms, Wayde King’s Eco-Series 20 offers pretty much everything you could ask for in the water filtration and conditioning systems. It is a larger scaled version of the Series 15. Like the Series 15, it doesn’t require any salt or potassium and it doesn’t require any maintenance with zero filters to worry about. This system is fully capable of delivering spring quality water to each and every single one of the faucets throughout your home. It filters out all kinds of harmful contaminants ranging from chlorine to heavy metals and even herbicides and pesticides.

Hard scale formation is reduced through Wayde Kind’s patented Anti-Scale Ionizer which can produce less scale built-up which can extend the lifespan of your appliances.

With the Series 20, you are getting Wayde King’s 10-year all-inclusive warranty, a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a very Eco-friendly system to boot.


  1. Capable Of Treating Up To 5 Bathrooms
  2. Eco-Friendly
  3. No Maintenance


  1. Long Installation Process
  2. High Cost

King Water Filtration Platinum Series 20 6-Stage Water Filtration and No-Salt Conditioning System

King Water Filtration - WK-PLA-MUN-1054

Capable of treating up to four bathrooms, the Platinum 20-series offers a lot of the same benefits you will get from both the Eco series 15 and the Eco series 20. However, this system utilizes a much more thorough 6-stage water filtration system which affords it the ability to effectively remove even more harmful contaminants and chemicals. The additional 2-stages ensures that you are getting high-quality filtered water with the same contaminants filtered with one clear benefit. This system is capable of filtering chlorine, bacteria, and copper by the same 99 percent. However, it has a clear advantage because it is also capable of filtering iron by 99 percent which the Eco-series 20 fails to do.

Along with the added 2-stage removal process, you are getting the same proprietary Anti-Scale Ionization chamber which can help you boost the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances. While you are paying more for this system, it is worth it if you are in need of a greater capacity filtration system and you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants including iron. With the platinum series, you are getting their industry-leading 20-year warranty.


  1. Larger Capacity
  2. Additional 2-Stages Of Filtration
  3. Reduces Iron By 99 Percent


  1. High Cost
  2. Long Installation Process

King 6-Stage Platinum Series Water Filtration and No-Salt Conditioning System

Wayde King Filtration - WK-PLA-MUN-1354

Capable of treating up to six bathrooms, the 25 6-Stage Platinum Series system uses the same 6-stages the Platinum 20-series offers. Therefore, you are going to be able to enjoy a system that has the ability to remove all kinds of chemicals and contaminants to ensure that your family has access to clean drinking and bathing water. It features the same added 2-stage filtration removal process that you are getting with the Platinum 20-series.

With this premium filtration system offered by Wayde King, you are getting the highest level of filtration offered. Likewise, you are getting their industry-leading 20-year warranty. This means you won’t have to worry about your system breaking down early on after you install it which is a big worry for any filtration system. Because this system doesn’t have any maintenance required, it is very unlikely you will even need to utilize this industry-leading warranty.

Because of the inclusion of the Anti-Scale Ionizer, you will be able to ensure everyone is getting access to the highest quality drinking water with a balanced pH.


  1. Highest Capacity As It’s Capable Of Treating Up To 6-Bathrooms
  2. Best Filtration


  1. Long Installation Process
  2. Very High Cost

Wayde King

King Water Filtration Reviews – Are These Systems Worth Buying?

Overall, Wayde King offers some of the highest quality whole house filtration systems you can find on the marketplace. Choosing between them really comes down to your capacity requirements. If your home is in need of a system that can up to six-bathrooms, you will need to splurge on the Platinum 20-series. Whereas, if you don’t necessarily need that high of a capacity, you can opt for one of their Eco-series alternatives without sacrificing too much in performance. None of these systems contain any synthetic materials including poly-phosphates which you would typically find in a lot of salt-free systems. Therefore, these systems are certified to be compliant for use even in areas that have banned water softener systems already. These systems are excellent options for anyone looking for high-quality multi-stage water filtration and water conditioning systems.

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