Fleck Water Softener Manufacturer

About The Fleck Water Softener Manufacturer

Hard water can cause a lot of hygienic issues. While it may be better at times when it comes to drinking, those who have bathed in hard water know the pain of trying to get soap scum off their skin all too well. It can cause issues with their dishes and clothing once washed. Some of us have resorted to the double cycle. This can waste water that could have been saved had you bought the best fleck water softener. Before you start looking at models for your home or business, you should learn some information about the manufacturer. Those who take the time to research the manufacturer / read the manual have more trust in the model they purchase and focus less on the head of the unit.

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They Back Up Everything With A Warranty

The Fleck water softener manufacturer backs everything up with a warranty. The amount of time on the warranty depends on the part that’s indisposed. The tank comes with a ten year warranty, while the electronics associated with the tank come with a five year plan.

The Manufacturer Lets You Know Which Model Is Best For You

As an example, the Fleck water softener manufacturer lets you know that their light duty model is best for home, coffee shops, and small restaurants. Those looking to supply enough soft water for a hotel will need their triplex model installed. They could not be more clear about the function of each model. Their Fleck 2510 SXT with automatic carbon filtering easily removes pesticides, chlorine, and other chemicals out of the water. Their Fleck 2510 Hydrogen Peroxide Well dispels sulfur and iron better than any other model.

They Have Twelve Different Models Available

There are twelve different models to choose from. They range in price from around $600 to $30,000. The variety of models available makes it easy to pick one that’ll best suit your needs. No model has below a five star average when it comes to their function and design. They either come in silver or black. You will buy your first model in a complete system. Only the manufacturer has all the parts available to replace something that’s broken. A dealer may have some parts on sale to help you keep your model functional.

They Offer Quick Shipping

You will not have to wait longer than seven days for your model. Some dealers may offer faster shipping than the manufacturer. Those who live in Alaska or Hawaii can expect their model in seven days. Those located in Ohio can get their model in as little as a day. If you live in the south west, you should see your model in three days. Those who live in the east can expect their model in as little as two days.

Choosing The Fleck Water System

Households and businesses from all over the nation have chosen a Fleck water filtration system to take out unneeded pollutants from their bathing and washing water. Some also prefer drinking soft water. Whatever reason you have for bringing soft water into the home, a Fleck water system will not disappoint.

  • June 6, 2021

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