Top 5 Best Pelican Water Softeners

Even with the glut in the market of water softener units, choosing the best conditioner still racks your brains. Multitudes of brands now offer devices designed for eliminating high mineral content and other impurities.

Leading brands have devised breakthrough water softening technology that actively removes hardness without the need for high pressure, salts or chemical additives. Alternative solutions to ionic swapping or reverse osmosis now offer cost-efficient and long-lasting impacts.

The smart evolution of Pelican water systems has been pioneering money and-time saving technologies for modern home owners.

About Pelican: Brief Company Overview

Founded in 2007, Pelican is way ahead of its rivals in engineering cutting-edge water filtration and salt-less softening system. Pelican’s innovative drive has led to environmentally-friendly filtration that prevents wastage of water.

Why choose Pelican? You get a whole-house protection toolkit that eliminates chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals and harmful bugs. NaturSoft salt-less system shields plumbing and appliances from the debilitating effects of hard water scale or corrosion. Go green with an economical solution without electricity or salt brine effluents into local water systems.

In the same breath, Pelican systems retain natural, nourishing minerals without pumping chemicals into your water. Do-it-yourselfers can install the system with a straightforward kit. It’s compatible with your basement or hard-to-reach corner, runs unnoticed with automatic synchronization and keeps hitting on all cylinders.

A vast majority of Americans thrive on hard water in their home. The ban on salt-based water softeners has led to alternative technologies of treating hard water. Pelican salt-free softener units discharge zero brine wastewater. Retro salt-based water softeners waste up to 300 gallons of water in one week. Conversely, a salt-less system doesn’t generate wastewater and you eliminate potentially toxic brine into sewer systems.  

This makes Pelican salt-free water softener a must-have for durable appliances and plumbing fixtures by keeping hard water damage at bay. Pelican means bright and breezy laundry, soap potency and sodium-free water for domestic applications.

Top Five Best Pelican Water Softeners

Pelican Combo Series PSE1800 tops the charts with salt-free, multi-layer filtration without boatloads of sodium ions in your water. It’s ecologically-friendly, virtually maintenance free and cost-effective. 

1. Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Softener

The Whole House Water Softener uses 4-stage filtration to wring out better-tasting water quality from every tap in your home. This salt-free unit integrates a micron pre-filter, catalytic granular activated carbon media and KDF-55 to generate delicious droplets for healthy diets, baby-soft skin and stronger hair follicles.

For health-conscious families, this Pelican Combo Series PSE1800 removes 97% of chlorine and inhibits the explosion of pathogens. It gets maintenance errands such as salt replenishment off your chest. Installation is a breeze inside or outside The PSE 1800 system packs a punch to cleanse and soften water for homes with up to three bathrooms.

Overall, this PSE1800 premium unit combines all the benefits of a filtering and salt-less water softening system. On the flip side, this manufacturer omitted the installation kit.


  • Reduces chlorine and chloramines to benign levels
  • Carbon filter lifespan of 5 years or 60,000 gallons
  • Traps a vast range of contaminants
  • Improves the effectiveness and protects plumbing/appliances
  • Reduces silt, sediment, sand and debris


  • Does not remove fluorides

2. Pelican UV Water Filter and Softener for wells

This salt-free water softener includes a UV buffer to annihilate microbial contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and other bugs by inhibiting their reproduction. You can install it outside wrapped in an anti-freezing enclosure for the unit to get a strategic position to purify all water.

The PSE2000-PRO20 UV water softener is ideal for well supply. It uses a multi-stage filtration mechanism with selectively permeable pre-filter, GAC, and KDF-55 to purify and soften water for a 3 bathroom house. You reap the benefits of filtering, salt-free softening and UV disinfection for nutritious, great-tasting drinking or cooking water.

For homeowners in the market seeking a whole house filtration system that kills all disease-causing bugs, this PSE2000-PRO20 offers a no-frills solution.


  • Premium 4-stage filtration system
  • Health-friendly without sodium or microbes
  • Easy and versatile installation


  • Does not trap carcinogenic particulates and a few other impurities

3. Pelican 48,000 Grain Salt Water Softener

When push comes to shove, a heavy-duty and resin-based system becomes the only solution to hard water predicaments. Resins suck up calcium and magnesium replacing them with sodium ions. It’s the only guarantee you’ve for soft water for the rich lather, reduced curd and healthier body.

This extreme-duty water softener comes with a sizable tank stocking high capacity resin for potent desalination. Pelican addresses the downsides of salt with metered delayed backwash for modicum water wastage and double backwashing for optimum effects with regeneration and cleaning efficiency.

Undoubtedly, ionic exchange resins dwarf water conditioning systems in the hardness treatment department. The main issue is the high price and bulkiness of these systems making them unpopular with small households and businesses.


  • Removes water hardness more effectively
  • Cleaner and brighter stuff
  • Efficient backwashing and brining
  • Easy Programming
  • Health-friendly


  • Sodium ion content

4. Pelican WF10 Iron/Manganese Remover

The WF10 Iron/Manganese salt-less softener conditions the water by converting hard minerals into nonstick crystals. Calcium and magnesium have health benefits; Pelican retains them in your water. It’s a sharp contrast to resin ionic exchange systems that slough off hardness minerals from water.

You get a five-stage filtration system with commercial-grade media granule such as activated carbon and a dechlorination system to trap as many impurities. Top it off with the Greensand Plus Iron Remover to sound the death knell to rust and manganese. Your water is stripped of sediment, iron, manganese, chlorine, particulate matter, and odors.

If you want to eliminate iron and manganese as well as condition the water to address the depravities of scale, this WF10 will do the trick. Onto the limitations, this unit cannot remove water hardness or minerals but merely conditions the water.


  • Reduces iron content up to 10 PPM
  • Electricity-free self-priming pump
  • Well-packaged and ready-to-install
  • Safe synchronization with septic systems


  • Does not remove fluoride and other impurities

5. Pelican Water 20 GPM Whole House Water Filtration and NaturSoft Salt-Free Softener System

This upscale, high-capacity whole house filter is best suited for city or well water. This Whole House Salt-Free system unlocks a solution for all your hard water nightmares without adding salt or potassium. Freeze scale in its tracks without doing the aftercare, wasting water or guzzling electricity.

It uses salt-less NaturSoft to convert calcium and magnesium ions into benign crystals while preserving their nutritional value. If you want conditioned, naturally softened water without the slippery feel caused by sodium ions, this model fills the bill. This Pelican Water System also inhibits and eliminates hardness scale that degrades pipes and fixtures. You also reduce chlorine, chloramine and particulate matter.

Overall, this Whole House Filtration delivers the benefits of purified water from every tap. However, it’s a bulky and space-eating system for sprawling palatial homes.


  • Pristine, sparkling and unadulterated water
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly, cost-effective and time saving
  • Health-friendly method
  • All-around solution for a home


  • Quite pricier

Buyer’s Guide for the best Pelican Water System

At the outset, you need to have your water hardness level tested to know the best device to get rid of these undesirable characteristics. The severity of water hardness plays an instrumental role in your shopping as it determines the most effective approach. Consider the factors below to make a well-informed choice.

Water Hardness Level 

In principle, water loaded with more than 1 GPG of dissolved minerals is rated hard. However, if you water scores below 3.5 GPG, it’s soft. Water rated 10.5 GPG is extremely hard. A heavy-duty resin-based water softener will do the job in these scenarios. Salt-free units offer a better option for homeowners concerned with salt consumption. 

Features & Controls 

Buy a unit equipped with essential features and controls such as timer controls, look-ahead technology, and demand-initiated regeneration. Automatic systems make the equipment maintenance-free and easier to run. A heavy-duty water softener requires metered delayed backwash to prevent water wastage. Programmable systems make operation a breeze.


Homeowners with a nodding acquaintance of the water softening world may fall prey to a bad bargain. Without knowing your problem, it’s easy to lose your bearing in this crowded marketplace. Knowing the contaminants and impurities ensures you choose a whole house system that traps all culprits or at least reduce them. For instance, water loaded with chromium six or carcinogenic substances require the Reverse Osmosis. UV disinfection annihilates viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Final Verdict

We hope this expert, objective water softener buyer’s guide acts as your trump card throughout your shopping experience. By far, the Best Pelican Water Softener is a salt-less technology, but an ionic-exchange and heavy-duty tank is also available.

While salt-free systems have more eco-friendly, cost-efficient and versatile solutions, they do not remove hardness but only condition the water. In contrast, salt-based water softeners have more plaguing problems such as brine effluents and maintenance.

You need to strike the balance between your household demands and trade-offs attendant to each product.

Continue pursuing healthier water solutions, well-read homeowners keep their families in fine fettle.

  • April 30, 2019

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